November 05, 2012

A Bear in War

We began our second independent Reading Response Letter (RRL) late last week. I've read the boys and girls just half of this story and asked them to reflect and record three or four questions they have about the text. 

The key is to ask what we call "thick" questions. These are questions that take a little longer to answer and if we knew the answer to them, we'd feel more connected to the characters and plot.  Thin questions are very literal (e.g. What is the father's name? What colour was the girl's hair?)  Knowing the answer to thin questions doesn't usually make much of a difference in how we interpret the text.  The type of questions readers ask themselves affects the kind of meaning they make.  

I'm really looking forward to reading this set of letters because the students have all received their feedback now from their previous letter (The Lotus Seed).  The expectation is that they are to use my feedback to improve this current letter.  

The kids are bringing home their feedback from The Lotus Seed on Tuesday.  Please review it with your child and sign it.   


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