November 26, 2015

Who is your safe side adult?

Today we learned all about personal safety as part of our Fun Friday (Thursday).  We watched a very, very entertaining video about a very serious topic. What could be better than learning about something that can be a little scary in a fun way?  

Please visit the link at the bottom of this blog post. You can download the teacher guide for the video and watch clips too. 

The big ideas from today's discussion were: 
  • always go to a woman with children when you are lost or separated from your parent (when no store/facility employee is available) 
  • there are safe-side adults, "kinda knows" and "don't knows"  -we never talk to kinda knows and don't knows without our safe-side adult's permission
  • a safe side adult is a parent, relative, teacher and can also be a close adult friend chosen by your parents
  • if you are pulled away by someone who is not your safe-side adult, you yell, "Help, this is not my mother/father" 
  • run away if someone you don't know comes into your safety circle (personal space) 
  • we never ever agree to help an adult we don't know find their lost puppy or item
  • when an adult tells you that something is a secret, you should tell that secret to your safe-side adult 
  • a child needs at least three safe-side adults in their life 
We had a really good discussion before and after the video. The boys and girls may have follow-up questions tonight that are best addressed by parents. 


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