January 23, 2014

Is it trash or treasure?

In our Writer's Workshop today, the boys and girls participated in Part 1 of my lesson on Trash or Treasure from The Write Traits program.

For a teacher that always asks her kids to add more detail, it seems pretty odd that we'd now start talking about less useful details or too many details.  We call those details "trash". I know...it doesn't sound very nice does it? The details that are essential and very interesting, we call those "treasures".  

Whether you're a writer who writes books or a writer who writes for television, you need to include interesting treasures to keep your audience engaged.  

This week, we watched a very  funny commercial and the boys and girls were asked to share their favourite treasure from them.  
Our next step was to look at a paragraph about the T-Rex and sort the facts into "trash" or "treasure".  

From there, we'll write our own sophisticated and engaging paragraphs filled with all kinds of treasure-y details!  

One of the best commercials for talking about treasures is this one:  

Little Darth Vader 


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