March 21, 2013

More of the Venus Flytrap!

We worked very hard on our RRWEs for the Venus Flytrap (Question was: How is the Venus Flytrap a unique plant?). With just a few minutes to go until lunch, I asked the boys and girls how they felt they were doing in terms of their progress and time management. Everyone agreed they had been making excellent use of their time and were progressing nicely. 

I asked them, "What if I told you you had to have it finished by lunch? What if I said you only had 12 minutes to finish it?" 

Everyone gave me "the face".Picture eyes wide open, hands clutching heads and mouth wide open.    

I told them this wasn't really the case. 
So we pretended.  

I told the kids to pretend they really do only have 12 minutes to finish this task and let's see just how much we can accomplish.  The results were incredible! At the end of this experiment everyone agreed that they got a lot more done than expected.  

Here is a quick video I took of the event.  

12 Minutes to go!


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