April 03, 2013

An update

A quick post to make sure we're all on track. 

Every now and then, when we have busy (and short) weeks such as this one, I need to stop and make lists to make sure I have this all figured out. Yep, I'm that lady that talks to herself in the grocery store and if it was still socially acceptable, I'd pin notes to my jacket like my Kindergarten teacher used to do in the 70s, just to keep track of all the things that need tracking.  

Here's what's going on this week: 

  • no POTW test this week
  • no Practice Pages this week
  • Math test on Friday (see Practice test posted on the blog)
  • RAD assembly Friday morning  
  • students are writing an announcement and they are to practice reading it aloud tonight (Wednesday)
  • announcements will be read/presented in class on Thursday/Friday 
  • we're doing this new nifty way of saying "goodnight" and the kids have a copy of it in their POTW book, they are welcome to practice it anytime 
  • the boys and girls are bringing home their Writer's Notebook (it's really a binder) on Thursday night to share and show, they're asked to return it for Friday 
There you have it!  


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