April 15, 2013

Barbie! Barbie! Barbie!

At some point over the last few weeks, I shared with the class that I had a complete collection of Barbie trading cards from the late 80s, early 90s. I can't recall why, but I'm sure it was to make some highly important point or connection.  Who knows. 

One little Girl Classmate asked me if I would bring them in to show her. And like the old person that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to go all Bruce Springsteen "Glory Days" about my fondness for Barbie.  

So I brought them in last Friday and what started out as a little sharing session between Girl Classmate and me at the reading table during indoor recess, turned into a full class/gathered around/ooohh/ahhh session! 

Yep, even the Boy Classmates!

Everyone got a kick out of looking at the cards, Ken's fabulous fur jacket in the 70s, his plastic hair, Barbie's horses and gorgeous ball gowns and of course, her ever-evolving career paths.  

I guess one of the cards should have come with a warning.  The kids took one look at it and began to recoil in horror. Things were seen that can not be un-seen! The boys were more terrified than the girls! What card was it you ask?  

Well, it was this one.


Then of course everyone wanted to see it again and again to see if it still had the same horrific cache...and it did.  

Who would have thought:  creepy doll eyes = hilarious bonding exercise for our class. 

They couldn't agree on the one they liked best, but man, they'll tell you in unison which one made their hair stand on end!     


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