May 03, 2018

Math Makes Sense: Unit 9 Length, Area and Perimeter

We've begun our next Math unit! This is the last official unit of the year! After this unit, we'll be revisiting skills and problem solving using ALL the new stuff we've learned. For this final unit, the boys and girls will learn all about length, area and perimeter. 

What are the Big Ideas? 
  • The centimetre, the metre, and the kilometre can be used to measure the length, width, and height of an object.
  • Standard units of measure, such as the centimetre and the metre, are used to measure the perimeter of two-dimensional figures.
  • Uniform non-standard units can be used to estimate and measure perimeter and area.

How Will the Concepts Develop?

Students use metre sticks and rulers to explore standard units of measure. They measure the lengths, widths, heights, and perimeters of a variety of real world objects and they establish benchmarks for the standard units, the centimetre and the metre. 

Students use these benchmarks to estimate linear dimensions. 

After much practical experience, students will be better able to select the most appropriate unit to measure length.

Students measure and compare the perimeters of two-dimensional figures using standard units. They use non-standard units such as Pattern Blocks and paper squares, to cover a figure and measure its area.

Students find the areas of figures drawn on grid paper by counting squares and partial squares. Through exploration, students see that figures with the same area can have different perimeters.

Why Are These Concepts Important?

Measuring skills are practical skills students will use. Experience in measurement lays a foundation for the use of measuring tools and formulas that students will encounter in later grades. As their measuring skills improve, students should be able to solve increasingly complex measurement problems. These skills may be applied in other areas, such as science, art, and geography.


Math Makes Sense: Ontario Teacher's Guide 
Published by: Pearson Education Canada. 2004  


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