May 03, 2013

Funniest Moment of the Week

The boys and girls moved their desks around this afternoon. As everyone was getting settled in and saying hello to their new elbow partner, I noticed one little Girl Classmate writing very quickly and with some serious intention.  

She was writing a contract. 

She was writing a list of rules for her and her partner to follow.  

The rules said: 
  • bring a healthy snack
  • don't loose points
  • be quiet
She then asked Boy Classmate to sign it.  Then she told him to wait because she needed to "add flowers to it". 

So after Boy and Girl Classmate sign the contract, they decide they need to exchange fun facts about each other. Girl Classmate is growing her hair long and Boy Classmate loves soccer.  

This Lady Classmate would also like to share a fun fact with you all: teaching really is the greatest (and funnest) job in the world.  

Happy Friday! 


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