May 30, 2013

"I don't think she'll remember me"

Recently, while out and about, my husband was asked if he was related to me. After some chitchat it was determined that I had taught this young lady many years ago.  What cracked me up is that she told my husband, "I don't think she'll remember me."  

Oh, I remember! Every. Single. One. Of. Them. 

Teachers don't forget. 

Now can I recall their names in an instant à la some kind of Jeopardy category? No, not so much, and if your hair is now purple and you're three feet taller with kids of your own, you might have to tell me who you are. But I'll remember ya! 

In fact, once a child  (okay she's an adult now) tried to tell me I was her Grade Five teacher recently and I was concerned for myself because her name didn't sound familiar at all. I thought I was losing my touch!  

Turns out SHE was wrong! For whatever reason, she had me confused with another teacher and more relieved I could not be.  

So there's a lesson for all my students. I will never forget you. We spend 190 or so days together but you are all forever in my heart. Don't ever worry that I'll forget you...the real question is, will you remember me? Because when I'm retired I'm going to expect a LOT of visitors! ;) 


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