June 05, 2013

Today's Math Quiz

We had a patterning quiz today and I took a bit of a leap with the first question.  I wanted to see if we could solve two step numerical patterns (in this case, add two, subtract one).  We're going to continue to work on this skill as I think the boys and girls would benefit from further practice with this. 

The second question was all about doubling the previous number. Many children did well with this. Those that were not successful made a common error: they thought that double meant counting by 2s.  This is a great opportunity for students to revisit their doubles facts (e.g. 4+4, 5+5, etc.) and to review the idea of what it means to double a number (add it to itself was how I explained it to the class).  

Since the scores from the quiz indicate that we need further practice with that first question, this quiz won't count toward the final grade for this unit.  I would still like the quizzes corrected, signed and returned.  

Unit 10: Quiz 2


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