June 13, 2013

What's my pattern?!

We have had so much fun making our Math game show! It's also been a great opportunity to teach the boys and girls about how to create a media presentation. 

Students have learned: 

  • the importance of reading with fluency and modulating one's voice to create a presentation that is pleasant to observe and listen to
  • the importance of working together to record a presentation (e.g. everyone needs to be silent while recording) 
  • just how long it takes to create a media presentation!  It took us 10 minutes to create a 13 second introduction! 
  • how to fade music and other sounds to create a sense of continuity in the presentation 
  • how to add other interesting visual effects that will enhance the overall appearance of a presentation 
  • how to self-assess by revisiting what you think is the finished product and looking for things that need polishing 
Overall, this has been just a wonderful learning opportunity. It really has.  The students have been able to demonstrate their patterning skills and they have also learned so much about the skills and effort required to put together a presentation such as this. We quite literally did this together!  We used the Smartboard and my laptop and together, using Movie Maker, we created a game show. Everyone was engaged every step of the way. 

Oh, and we also had a ball making it!  I don't think there was a time this year where we were laughing harder than these last few days! It was just so much fun!  

So the premise of the game show is this: contestants solve a patterning problem and they have an option to take their (questionable) prize or risk it all and move on to the next level.  As the game show progresses, the audience (or are they the contestants-we never quite established that!) becomes more irritated with the prizes being offered. 

And then at the end, we do something we like to call "The Pickle Dance". Because no game show is complete without contestants dancing like surfing pickles!  

I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I was with not only the patterns the students created, but their ability to present with confidence and enthusiasm! 

We hope you enjoy our show!  Thank you to the boys and girls for all their hard work, amazing ideas and contributions and great sense of humour. 

Certainly one of my best memories of the year.   


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