September 18, 2013

Round 3 of Problem Solving

Today we had our first work solving problems in Math independently. We've done two rounds with partners, so today was an important one.  
I was really pleased with how this went. This problem came from the later lessons in Unit 1. Boys and girls were encouraged to use the base-ten blocks to help them solve the problem. Many students found that when they didn't use the blocks, they were less successful, so back they went to give it another try using the blocks.

I'm going to mark the assignment and send it home to be signed. Please have a look at any notes or comments I might have recorded.  
If no assistance was required, there's typically no notes.  

Here's a copy of the problem.  You are welcome to print it out and have your child try it again at home. A little extra practice never hurts! 

Problem Solving Day 3  


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