September 18, 2013

Wednesday Funnies!

Everyone needs a good laugh and let me tell you...this year's crew knows how to crack me up!  

So we're in the Gym for Picture Day.  Each child receives one of these cards with their name on it.  

When I give one little fella his card, what does he say?  
"Woo hoo! I got my credit card!" 

Too funny! 

Then this afternoon, while working on some problem solving in Math, some girls wanted to colour the rock star in the picture. They figured that since the little girl in yesterday's math problem was supposed to be me, that today's rock and roller was also me. Oh to have that cool hair! 
So after they finish colouring, two little girl classmates bring their work on over to me and at the same time say, "We made her look like you."  

So if we haven't met yet, and you don't know how to recognize me at Curriculum Night tomorrow, just look for the gal with the super fabulous running shoes, green skirt and fancy hair (not sure if I'll have my microphone or not ;)    


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