November 01, 2013

Fun Friday?

I don't know, I figured that since yesterday was such a fun-filled day of candy and activity, we'd forego our usual "Fun Friday" and get back to business.  But you what? Even an "un-fun" Friday in 208 is still a ball.  
We wrote our POTW test this morning and then I had the boys and girls work on a "Halloween Reflection" page that I created. 

If you're a teacher and you'd like to do this with your class next year, help yourself to a copy here.  

After that, the kids had Gym with Ms. Bellmore and then we watched our usual Full House episode during lunch(we do this every Friday, grab a coffee and join us sometime!). 

After lunch, we had Math Message (something new we're doing and I'm *totally* loving) and had a quiz on subtraction of two-digit numbers. 

Then we moved our desks into rows.  Hello grown up students! Our room suddenly looks so mature and sophisticated. It's going to be great! No more turning to go into "Smartboard Mode" and lots and lots of important conversations to be had between elbow partners.  

Seems like a pretty regular school day doesn't it? But somehow, SOMEHOW! we made it fun. We laughed a lot today and I couldn't tell you why.  No wait, we did laugh about how some kids keep their Halloween candy 'til Easter (help me understand their self-discipline please?), how some kids eat the good candy first and then give the rest to Mom and Dad and how one little classmate got a full-sized chocolate bar from one house and Dad got a beer! 

Let's face it, even when we're not having "fun",  208 is really great.     


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