November 19, 2013

It's Report Card Day!

I was so pleased to send home the Progress Reports with the boys and girls this afternoon. Everyone has worked so hard, these first 55 days of Grade Three and I'm very proud of my students. 

Please review the Report with your child. All students should be able to identify areas where they do well and their specific learning goals moving forward. 

We're going to complete reflection page on Wednesday and students will be asked to identify these points.  They'll also have to write about ways they can achieve their personal goals. I'd like them to consider specific strategies that will help them to be more successful. For some children, it might be making sure they practice reading aloud each night, or proofreading their work into a whisper-phone. Either way, I would like to see students write, in their own words, how they can achieve their goals.  

Once it's complete, I'll send the Reflection home for your signature. Then we'll keep it in the Writer's Notebook to reflect on over the course of the term.  

Congratulations to all my students for working so hard in Grade Three!   


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