January 28, 2014

Why post the Math Learning Goals?

Now more than ever, school is an interactive place. This means teachers are integrating technology into their lessons, but it also means that home-school communication is elevated to a new level. I mean, that's why this blog exists: to keep students and families in the loop and up to date. It's all about creating a more enriching learning experience. 

By sharing the Learning Goals for our Math lessons, you're able to see first hand, what was on the list to be covered today. You can then support your child in your own ways at home.  

Perhaps this means practicing time-telling skills on the way to practice in the car or playing a mental math game during dinner. By having the Learning Goals of the day in your back pocket, you not only know what was covered in class (especially helpful if your child was absent that day) but you can extend the learning at home in ways that work for you. 


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