April 10, 2015

A tasty Math lesson!

A bunch of super-smart kids had a very "smart" math lesson yesterday!

Each child received a little Zippy of 12 Smarties. It would have been 16, but I ate the materials! ;) 

Students were asked to record observations about their Smarties using fractions.  They could begin with observations such as 2/12 are red or 3/12 are blue, but then they had to find ways to take it up a notch (e.g. 2/6 are green or 1/2 are brown). 

It was a great way to learn all about how to express fractions in simplest forms.  

I was so pleased to see how the students worked to find new ways to express their observations! 

If you are a teacher and you'd like a copy of the worksheet I created for this, click here.

And then Miss N wanted to share her favourite poem from our Poem of the Week collection.  She presented it to me in the morning and then I asked her to do it again for the class. She has great fluency and plenty of expression! 


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