November 13, 2017

Wonder by RJ Palacio

I began reading this novel to the boys and girls last week at Evening Meeting.  I like to read my students books that have powerful messages that will stay with them long after we've turned the last page and those are hard to come by.

Wonder by RJ Palacio is an incredible book. It's a novel written for children in Grades 5 and up, so when I read, I modify. I leave out words that don't work for me as a teacher and skip over any material that my students aren't ready for.  

This book is so good though, it needs to be shared. Students of all ages can appreciate Palacio's message.   

It's about ten-year old August.  He was born with some pretty big special needs and has never attended public school.  The story is told from a number of different perspectives and it grabs you from page one and doesn't let go.  

We're only a chapter or two in and I think it's had the same effect on my students as it did on me when I first picked it up. 

When that bell rang for dismissal last Friday afternoon, many students groaned and asked me to keep reading. If you have an older student in your family who is looking for a great read with an inspiring character that overcomes the challenges he faces in life, they'll certainly enjoy this novel.  

I've told my students that I'll read it to them this year, and then when they're in Grade 5, they can read it all over again on their own. 


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