May 22, 2014

An important talk today

We had an important discussion this afternoon about friendship and showing respect for others. 

To address a couple of playground issues that have arose, we  talked specifically about the following: 

  • only teachers are in charge of "clubs" at school
  • students are not permitted to form recess clubs where another student is in charge of who can join and who can not 
  • we use kind words that demonstrate our love for God and respect for the dignity of all students
  • we don't name-call 
  • when adults don't intervene and help resolve problems or situations that upset children at a young age, they can become bigger problems as they get older 
  • students understand they are to come to me right away if they feel they are not being treated with the respect and kindness they deserve 

Socializing and forming meaningful friendships is essential to every child's well-being and it is important that as teachers, we do everything we can to set children up for success, especially in later grades.  


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