May 05, 2014

The Story-Writing Process

We brainstormed all the different key parts of a story and came up with this chart. 
The boys and girls are also learning about the types of conflict in a story to help them as both readers and writers. 

The Three Types of Conflict are: 

  • person against person
  • person against nature
  • person against self
We have enjoyed reflecting back on stories we've read together over the year and identifying the type of conflict.  

Now that we've mastered the art of "how to do dialogue" in the story, it's time for us to move on to actually writing a story. 

We'll use a story-planner based on a method I call "HCP"(hook, characters, problem").
I also created the graphic organizer pictured below assist my students with this planning process.

Tomorrow, we'll begin working on our planning and learn all about "HCP". 


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