May 23, 2014

Two more days!

Everyone in Room 208 is working very hard getting ready for EQAO on Tuesday. The great thing about preparing for the booklets is that students are revisiting so many important skills that will help them to be successful in future grades. 

This week, we've really focused on the following: 

  • the difference between you're/your
  • memorizing our parts of speech song 
  • the pros and cons of gist answers
  • the importance of knowing how to tell time
  • the importance of knowing how to correctly identify 45 minutes after the hour (many children get the hour itself wrong) 
  • ways writers use words to create mood and visual imagery for their readers 
  • the importance of proofreading our work
  • spinners and probability 
  • why a quiet work space is essential and that mouth sounds or tapping are distracting to others 
  • the importance of using all available resources to be successful 
  • you are what you eat, so be sure to eat a good breakfast and pack a healthy lunch always! 
We're in great shape for Tuesday and I'm thrilled that my students have learned so many skills that I hope will assist them next year in their studies.  


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