June 09, 2014

We're working on something big!

As our end-of-year project, we're working on something super-terrific! The boys and girls in Room 208 are working on a news report that we're going to record and share with you here on the blog as a radio show! 

The boys and girls will learn all kinds of important skills from this project, but most importantly, they'll hopefully come to appreciate the importance of reading with expression and accuracy when preparing a recording that will be audio-only!  

The students received their scripts today and they are asked to practice their lines for homework. They know that they are not expected to memorize their lines (in fact, I'd prefer they didn't).  We're looking to start recording our radio show in the next few days and we cannot wait to share it with all our blog visitors! 

Please note this is NOT a video. In keeping with the wishes of parents in my class, this make believe news presentation will be posted on the blog as a radio show and will be an "audio-only" presentation. 


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