September 03, 2014

Math Lesson #1

We had our first Math lesson this afternoon. We're reviewing just some basic number sense skills that I am sure will come very easy to the boys and girls. 

We're reviewing and practicing the following: 

  • when we add, our numbers grow
  • when we subtract, our numbers shrink
  • constructing numbers using Base-Ten-Blocks 
  • how can we use a hundreds chart to help us with addition and subtraction? 
  • what patterns do we see on a hundreds chart?
  • what's an ordinal number?
The boys and girls will also learn about our routines and procedures for working with glue and scissors. 
We're going to make a "Number Sense Folder" as part of our learning, which allows me to teach the classroom expectations for Art and other times when we'll need to make a mess to create. 

Here we are working away on our folders. I think my students and I are a match made in heaven because I figured this activity would be a big ol' mess of paper and glue and it wasn't. I thought for sure there'd be all kinds of bits of paper on the floor at the end of the day. 

No, no, no! 

In fact, my room is tidier now, at the end of the day than it was at the beginning! 

Sigh. Ten months with a group of polite, friendly, funny kids who dislike mess as much as I do! 


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