February 13, 2017

Bundle Up!

We finished 2016 by writing about what Mrs. Claus does on Christmas Eve. The boys and girls were asked to describe her evening using transitional words.  

Now it's time to take that one step further and use transitional words to provide instructions for a specific task. In this case, students are asked to explain how to get dressed for outdoor winter play. 

I thought we'd start with something fairly simple. The focus on critical thinking tasks such as this is: can the child provided instructions for a task that are sequential and make sense to the reader? Another focus is: can the child strike a balance between providing the reader with sufficient details but not overwhelming them at the same time?

I'm also asking students to add a "plus" to each sentence. We've been talking about plusses all week. You can read more about them here.  

Students are off to a great start! They finished their idea web and many even got going on the paragraph itself.  

It will be fun to have the boys and girls share their paragraphs with the class. It's great for them to hear a variety of perspectives. That's always one of my favourite times as a teacher: hearing them read their own work! 



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