February 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

We were very busy today! 
First, we solved those Math mysteries this morning. I *thought* they were hard...honest I did! But those students of mine, they picked up their mystery and then off they went to solve their cases with no trouble at all!  It was really exciting to see them work together and use all kinds of strategies to solve problems. The boys and girls needed to draw from a number of numeracy skills to solve the problems which made this a really rich experience. 

My favorite line from this morning was, "Oooh, fancy
envelopes Mrs. M!"  

Here are some of the cases the kids had to solve: 
This was the sample case I showed the
class on the Smartboard. 

This afternoon, the boys and girls enjoyed another visit with Dr. Peter Angerilli. Dr. A came in to chat with the kids about how our body is powered by food. Students learned about cells, macro-nutrients and the way our organs interact with the foods we eat. 

It was a very informative presentation! And look out kids, I'm making us a Kahoot quiz based on Dr. A's presentation, so you can look forward to testing your skills next week!  


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