April 03, 2018

How To Solve Bake Shop Problems

Bake-Shop problems are multi-step problems that involve money.  We call them "Bake-Shop" problems because anytime you make Math delicious, you immediately have everyone's attention!  

Here's a video where I explain how to solve these types of problems. If you play the video on full screen, it starts a bit blurry and then clears up nicely about 20 seconds in.

A correction: near the very end of the video, I say that $2.40-$0.85 is $0.55 when I should have said: $2.40-$1.85 is $0.55.   

After watching the video, please solve the following problem:

Mrs. M has these coins: 

5 quarters

4 dimes
2 nickels 

I'd like to buy 4 giant chocolate fudge cupcakes (possibly to share with some people I like, but possibly to keep all for myself). 

Each cupcake costs $0.75.

How much more money do I need to buy myself my friends the cupcakes?  


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