April 04, 2016

Do you know Dave the chickadee?

You're going to get to know Dave the chickadee over the next few days! The boys and girls are going to use all the creative writing skills they've developed over the last few weeks to create a descriptive paragraph about Dave! 

There's not much I can tell you about Dave. You see, other than his name and his chickadee-ness, that's all I know! It's up to the kids to create Dave's story and they're off to a great start!   

On Monday, they worked on this graphic organizer. On Tuesday, we'll talk about stellar opening and closing sentences, then I'll conference with each student and off they'll go to write their paragraphs. 

I can't wait to read these creative writing pieces.  Over the course of the year, the kids have gotten to know lots of characters that I have created; now it's their turn! 


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