April 07, 2015

Friday Funnies...on Monday!

We've had a great bunch of days in our classroom! 
Here are some of my favourite moments from the last week or so.  

One of my students very politely informed me last week that if I were a pioneer teacher, I would have been fired on account of my being married, the polish on my nails and the fact that my ankles were showing.  

This same child also told me that I looked like a spy with my black jacket on...LOL! I think my cover might be blown!  

Then this happened on Thursday.  I am the queen of getting things stuck or looped on to other things. I am beginning to consider a second career in carnival game playing. I really think I could do well at that one game where you toss the ring onto the bottle.  I can't quite explain how it happens, but I manage to constantly get things looped onto other things. 
Last week, I swung my purse over my shoulder and managed to get the little decorative tag looped onto the button on the back of my jacket.  

We all have our special skills and I think this one might be mine.  

How does this happen? Why can't I win the lottery with this
kind of crazy luck!? 

That's the BACK of my jacket people! The BACK!

Then on April Fools Day, we had this moment of hilarity.  

This little note was in a student's agenda this morning and I love it! 

While on duty last week, some of my students were walking with me and we ran into one of their younger siblings. We were joking around and being silly and that younger sibling whispered to his sister, "Your teacher sure is happy."  
And I am...I really am.  

And here we are, week 28 already and I'm sure we'll have all kinds of new and hilarious adventures this week! 


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