April 20, 2016

Penny's Problem

For Tuesday's EQAO Practice Page, the boys and girls will read a story I wrote called, "Penny's Problem". The focus of this task will be on how to respond to three types of questions or prompts:
  • identify how a character's mood or attitude  changes throughout the story
  • discuss an alternative title to the story and explain whether or not it is a suitable choice
  • identify how one character supports another

There are three story-related questions for students to answer.  Two of them may result in similar responses and that could be confusing for students, so I've attached a little note to the bottom of the page to explain my rationale for this. 

While it's extremely unlikely the EQAO booklets would ever present a situation such as this, this particular story provides a good opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with these two particular prompts. 


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