September 25, 2015

That was so much fun!

So what did you do on Thursday night? I had a ball meeting a group of really nice people at this really nice place!  It felt like a party! 

Thank you so much for coming out last night! It was so much fun to meet you all and watch my students take their loved ones on a tour of the classroom.  It's like a reverse take-your-kid-to-work-day. 

The boys and girls looked so proud escorting their guests around the room, enjoying the photos on the Smartboard and explaining all the different features of our wonderful classroom.  

The room was so full of positive and warm energy and love, it was easy for me to understand why my students are always excited to come to school and ready to learn whatever it is I have on the menu.  Speaking of menus...I have a fun little surprise for the class next week!

I'm glad you were able to see where your child spends their day. I loved that so many of last night's visitors thought it felt like home in our classroom because that's my goal: I want my students to feel relaxed and comfortable in their learning environment.  

You are welcome to come back and visit us anytime you like. 

You know, I think next year, we'll get a dad workin' the grill and put a student in charge of ice-tea! Then it'll feel even more like a party!  ;)  

Have a great weekend 208!


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