October 10, 2017

What's a Practice Page?

Homework starts Wednesday October 11! 
Each child is bringing home their first Practice Page that night. Our focus for the first page is on proofreading and making sure sentences sound right. 

We'll typically have homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I'll do my best to mark the Practice Pages on Wednesday nights and have them returned to the boys and girls for Thursday. 

Like you, I have *those* nights where things just don't go my way, so please bear with me if students bring their booklets home with pages unmarked.  They may not always be marked right away, but they'll always be marked. 

Practice Pages should only take 20 or so minutes. I will always review them with the boys and girls before sending them home. No Practice Page is ever a task or challenge that is unfamiliar to the students.  The Practice Pages are written and prepared by me so they are very precise and relate to what we are doing in class.  If homework takes longer than 20 minutes, I'd like to know please. 

So...if we're having trouble completing the Practice Page, it might be time for the "Are you sure you're paying attention in class?" chat.  

To help them build good study habits and to do "what good students do", it is the responsibility of my students to ask for clarification or assistance when they do not understand their homework assignment.  

If there ever is a time when YOU decide homework just isn't going to happen that night, I'll need a note from you in the agenda. My students understand that only Mom or Pop can decide if homework cannot be completed, but that note from you let's me know that you know what's going on. 
Thanks so much for your support in this area.  

Other homework might be assigned throughout the week. This will likely be pages from the Math workbook. I'll do my best to avoid homework on the weekends.

I'd like to emphasize that any homework tasks assigned will never be "brand new/fresh out of the oven/I've never seen this before" kind of work. It'll always be familiar to the boys and girls and will likely be assigned because the child wasn't able to finish it during the designated time in class. 

Homework is never given as punishment but at the same time, if the child is not using class time effectively, they know it will need to be done at home and that's a logical consequence I hope the children understand.    

Here are two sample Practice Pages to give you an idea as to what you can anticipate.  


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