October 05, 2015

Week 5...already?!

It's the fifth week of school already! Yikes! Hard to believe isn't it? It might be a short week, but it's packed full of all kinds of great learning and fun activities! 

Let's talk about Math for a bit...we haven't officially begun our first unit yet and we'll likely move into that next week. We've covered a lot of the expectations for that first unit (it's actually Unit 2 of the program), but we haven't "started" it in that official "Hey kids, it's our first math unit!"  way. 

The Math focus over the last few weeks has really been all about reviewing skills, building number sense, talking place value, along with addition and subtraction, and now most recently, problem solving. When I look over the concepts covered in Unit 2: Patterns in Addition and Subtraction, I'm feeling really good about where we are. When we do start the unit, it'll be a fast one. 

I do want to spend some time this week on addition and subtracting with regrouping. The intensive practice will be beneficial in the long run.  I'm finding this is one area where the boys and girls could use a boost in confidence. We're really going to focus here for a few days and then come Tuesday, begin that first official unit.  In addition to looking at basic calculations, I will also incorporate problem solving into our lessons.  It is essential that students can read a word problem and determine the correct operation. We'll talk about those clue words that tell us which operation to use.  

Then we have that big theme day on Thursday! We're having an "It's Fall Y'all" day! The boys and girls are invited to wear their cowboy/girl duds and practice their yee-haws and howdy-partners!  It's going to be a great day!  

Have a look at what else we're up to this week by clicking on the picture below. As usual, I'm sure I've over-planned and we'll likely be carrying things over to Week 6, but that's how I roll. It won't surprise you that my pantry is stocked with those huge Costco bags of flour and enough pasta to feed a small village.  Hey, it's good to be ready for anything! 


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