February 23, 2016

This is gonna be so fun!

It's time to get a little creative! We're going to tackle letter writing by writing a letter to our favourite toy/stuffy/action figure/whatever-but-it-can't-be-an-i-pad. The purpose of this letter is to prepare our toy for a pretend sleepover in the classroom! The secondary purpose of this writing task is to help students generate their own ideas and then select only their top 5-6 from their graphic organizer. 

We all know that the wild animals in Room 208 come alive at night and have themselves one, well...wild time!  They build forts with the pillows, watch Full House non-stop and drink all the extra chocolate milk in the fridge!  The challenge I've posed to my students is this: what advice would you give to your own toy if they were to spend the night in our classroom with the rest of the stuffies?  

Here are the slides from my lesson today: 


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