March 24, 2016

Because of Mr. Terupt

We have started reading a wonderful new novel called Because of Mr. Terupt during our Evening Meeting. It's an outstanding story with a great message that can be appreciated by all. 

This is not a book that I would recommend my Grade Three students read on their own once we finish. I'm reading it to the class from my e-reader and there will not be a copy available to students in the classroom. 

It's an incredible book, but it contains a few words that I'm going to leave out (mostly bathroom humour). Nothing super questionable, just a word or two that are not appropriate for my classroom.

It's just such a fantastic story and I want to be the one to share it with my students. 

I think once the children reach Grade 5 or 6, they can read it on their own, but until then, they can relax and enjoy being an active listener.  


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