February 28, 2018

We have an announcement to make!

As part of our Morning Message, we've been reading a catchy announcement of the day where we read with lots of expression and modulation. We're learning about the importance of including the 5 Ws when announcing an event, especially over the PA system where, in most cases, we only have our voice and word-choice to convey our message effectively.  

A side note...I made the video above, years ago to support my lessons on announcement writing.  I still find Boy and Girl Classmate so funny! The website is now defunct, but I'll always treasure the videos I made! 

The boys and girls were asked to think about a fantasy club they would like to have here at school and generate an announcement that tells the who, what, where, when and why of the club. 

Students are asked to begin their announcement by using a catchy hook that grabs attention and write something that is lively and entertaining.  

We're going to work on our announcements all week long in class, take them home for practice on the weekend and then present them to the class on Tuesday. They don't have to be memorized, in fact, that's something we discourage, but we do want everyone to use their very best "radio" voice!



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