April 29, 2016

Spring "training"!

Now that our more active season has arrived, it's time to revisit some specific skills. For the last few weeks, I've been reviewing with my class some friendship and recess basics. We want all children to enjoy their recess breaks and for some kids, this can be hard. 

We've started "spring training" in my class to help reinforce some of the ways students can make the most of their recesses and strengthen their friendships. 
Through discussion, games and role-play, we've reviewed the following: 

  • the importance of including others 
  • what does it feel like to be excluded?
  • "lightening up" when it comes to lining up (e.g  letting a friend retrieve their ball and hoping back into the same place in line without fuss) 
  • encouraging others 
  • working together for a common goal
  • using rock/paper/scissors to settle minor disagreements 
  • keeping teams fair 
  • inviting others to join in the fun
  • how to ask to join a game
Like any good team, we're going to carry on with our training so that we can have our best "season" yet! Please review these points with your own child at home. Consistent messaging is always the most effective tool when it comes to our children's education, both academic AND social.  


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