June 06, 2016

Beauty and the Beast

An update on the play: 
Our performance night is June 14th.  Students need to report to our classroom by 6:45pm.  Once students are dropped off, they must remain in the classroom.  

During the play, there is an intermission with an opportunity to purchase food items. I respectfully ask that parents do not purchase treats for their children and deliver them to the classroom during that time.  It's a really busy night and safety and supervision are my priority.  Any efforts to reduce traffic to the classroom are appreciated.  

In the past,  a nervous belly,  coupled with ice-cream or other treats has proven to be a...well...nasty combination. Students have worked so hard for this night, I wouldn't want anything to take away this opportunity.   

Students will be able to drink from their water bottles and classroom cups should they need a refreshment.  

Their costumes consist of the following: 

Tops: white, beige or pale colored/pattern shirts or blouses.

Girls:  skirts, preferably longish, and plain in colour (black, blue, beige, brown).
Boys: plain coloured pants in black, blue, beige or brown 

Shoes: simple footwear, no neon colours please.  
Accessories: none for boys, but girls can wear plain scarves or shawls 

Students are playing townspeople, so their looks should be very simple, so as to not distract from the actors on stage with them. 


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