October 17, 2016

Crankenstein Time!

Last Friday was a most cranky day!  We read the hilarious story "Crankenstein"by Samantha Berger and talked about things that make us cranky and annoyed.  I also taught the boys and girls a funny song about an annoying insect: mosquitoes.  They really liked that one!  

Unlike my sample, this year, students will write about what makes
THEM cranky.  
We started working on the craftivity pictured below.  The boys and girls were excited to learn how to draw cartoon hair and as you can see, they're doing a great job of assembling their own Crankenstein. On Monday, we'll talk about relating to a text and making text-to-self connections. Then, we'll do the writing piece that accompanies their character.  Students will be required to implement the writing feedback they've been receiving on their weekly Text of the Week tests and other assignments. 

These are going to look great in our classroom! I'll send them home shortly after Halloween for students to share with their families! 

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