October 08, 2016

We saved Fred! (well, at least we tried to!)

Thankful Thursday was so much fun!  We talked all about gratitude and how appreciative we are for the many blessings in our lives.  
My focus for our discussion was on appreciating the many relationships we are blessed with.  We talked about friendships and our classroom community.  And then we celebrated those friendships with some really fun activities!  

First, we tried to save Fred.  Here's Fred's story:  

Everyone worked together to try and save little Fred and it was so much fun! I loved listening to their laughter and strategies and you will too in this video below! It was especially heartwarming to hear them speak with such kindness and consideration to one another as they tried to work together on this task.  

After lunch, it was time for me to explain to the kids why I had all these goodies on the reading table! But before I did that, we read a hilarious story with a great message.  Turk and Runt is all about taking care of each other and treating others just the way we want to be treated. It's a really funny read and I highly recommend it for families and teachers.  

NOW it was finally time for treats! We made gratitude mix to enjoy while watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"! Here's what we added and why: 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch: it's the largest item in the mix to remind us to be thankful for the big things in life like: vacations, special occasions and events like hockey tournaments in hotels.

Chipits: they remind us to be thankful for the smaller things in life like a great sandwich or a little treat from Grandma's purse.  

Marshmallows: these remind us to be grateful for the small squishy things in life like puppies and babies cheeks.  

Teddy Grahams: remind us to be thankful for the toys and gifts we receive. 

Cupcake Goldfish Cookies: these remind us to be thankful for cake. Yes cake.  Because we often have cake at birthdays and celebrations and we should be grateful for any opportunity to gather with loved ones and celebrate. 

Candy Corn: these are really important.  They remind us to be thankful for our different stripes.  We are all unique thank goodness, and these little candies represent our differences and that they are to be respected and cherished.  

Thank you to all the boys and girls, for a very memorable Thankful Thursday. It was such a warm and special way to end the week.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

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