October 11, 2016

What's happening in week 5?

It's hard to believe, but we are indeed in the fifth week of school! It's a short week, but we have plenty happening in Room 208! 

In Math, we're working our way through Unit 2. You'll recall that I've opted to start with Unit 2 because if focuses on addition and subtraction. After this unit, we'll go back to Unit 1 and look at patterns.  This week, we're looking at two-digit subtraction with regrouping. I have an effective and hopefully entertaining way to teach this skill and I'm hoping the students will be able to explain it to their families later in the week.

In our Literacy Block, we have a lot on the go. We're finishing up our applesauce books from a week or so ago. This activity was great for discussing procedural writing and the importance of considering your audience when you write, which is such an essential skill.  We're going to read our instructional booklets to the kindergarten class, so with this in mind, we needed to consider the unique needs of our audience.  

We're also working our way through a booklet on the Cynthia Rylant story called "The Relatives Came". Writing about what you've read is a great way to connect to a text and demonstrate comprehension.  

In Social Studies, we'll look at the Hudson's Bay Lowlands and the natural resources found in this region of our province. We'll also talk about how people use these resources to meet their needs. 

Our Text of the Week (TOTW) this week supports the start of our formal homework program. The take-away from this text is that by "doing it now" and taking care of our responsibilities before heading out to have fun, we can indeed enjoy those fun times more and develop great work habits for the future.  

In Morning Message, we've started talking about adjectives and nouns and students will also be learning some of the key features of non-fiction texts by talking about a most timely topic: spiders.  Ugh.  

We'll come back to non-fiction text features throughout the year, but I couldn't resist getting a head start now with all the interesting Halloween-related topics out there.  

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