November 19, 2016

Bullies are a pain in the brain!

Talking about bullies doesn't exactly sound like Fun-Friday does it? When you're able to approach the topic in a more light-hearted, but meaningful way, you can indeed put the *fun* in Friday.  We also read two great books called What if Everybody Did That? to kick off our afternoon. 

We talked about why we have rules in place in our classroom, home and school. Then we talked about why we have laws in place in the community.We all agreed that rules help keep us safe and they make our communities better places to live. 

But we know that not everyone follows the rules. We know that non-rule followers can irritate and upset us. That led us into our discussion about bullies. 

We talked about the difference between someone that annoys you and someone that bullies you. We talked how hurtful and unkind comments can hurt more than a punch in the arm. 

Then we watched the wonderful video called Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain.  After the video, we talked about some of the strategies presented. Here is a link to a support document for this video.  

Five Myths About Bullies Printable (click here)  

It was a great discussion; one that we'll certainly revisit throughout the year. 


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