December 18, 2016

Moments from the week

We've been super busy! We're plugging our way through the geometry unit in Math, finishing up our Mrs. Claus paragraphs about what she does on Christmas Eve and learning all about how a Canadian pioneer celebrated Christmas. And on top of that, we're working away on our Christmas craft and other festive activities!  

It's was a great week and with one more to go, my hope is this coming one will be even better!  

We'll have a little surprise on Tuesday afternoon, our party on Wednesday and then lots of fun and games on Thursday and Friday! Somewhere in there, I'd love to wrap up our geometry unit. It'll be weird, but we'll have the test for the unit in the new year after a quick review. It should all work out just always does ;) 

We came in second place for raising the most money for the Boogie-A-Thon back in
October and this week we enjoyed our ice-cream treat! 

Crafts, brag tags and lots of fun stuff! Room 208 is one busy workshop!

The kids have LOVED solving these math mysteries from the folks at!

We have the coolest t-shirts in Room 208! 

Our first big snowfall of the year meant that everyone had important work to do at recess! 


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