December 05, 2016

This week's Text of the Week

This week, for our Text of the Week or TOTW, we look at an info-graphic I created that tells readers all about the tour that's available at the North Pole.  I wanted to create a text that would be fun and engaging, but still allow us to check off a bunch of items from our "to learn" list.  

I have explained to the kids that they can expect to see info-graphic texts like this on EQAO.   


This week, we're really going to focus in on a number of key items from this text. I want to share them here so that parents and families can reinforce these items with their student at home. Our focus this week won't actually be so much on reading the text fluently (while that's always encouraged) but rather more on word study, responding to higher-level thinking questions and understanding the colon.  

We're looking at/discussing: 
  • What's an info-graphic? (a text that uses pictures/illustrations and a little bit of text to explain or provide information)  
  • Why would the North Pole be open for tours only from January to November?
  • What's a colon? (this thing→: )  It tells the reader: "Hey buddy, here comes a list or here comes instructions." 
  • There are a lot of new words in this text, what do they mean?  (e.g. extensive, monitor, voyage) 
  • Can you find the synonym in the text for the following words:  wide-variety, trip, part, supervise, reasonably-priced
  • Which area of the info-graphic would you most like to visit? 
  • How do you feel about giving pets as gifts? When can it be a great gift? For example, we planned it as a family. When can it be a disaster? For example,  when you surprised someone that didn't actually want the pet or wasn't ready for the responsibility of pet ownership.   


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