May 29, 2018

Day one is done!

Room 208 is always great, but today it was also very quiet. 
Everyone worked so very hard on their booklets. The only sound you could hear was the sound of pencils writing away! 

For some children, it was a long day, but for others, the day flew by. Either way, everyone has earned extra dessert tonight! 

Typically, the boys and girls feel less nervous going into Day Two and then Day Three is a breeze. 

We're off to a terrific start and looking forward to a HUGE party in the next week or so to celebrate all our hard work.  
Thank you for bringing your children to school on time and for the large lunches you've packed. The students appreciated the good fuel for their minds and bodies! 

As we head into Day 2 tomorrow, please don't hesitate to write a little note of encouragement to your child in the agenda.  


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