May 08, 2018

Said/Replied/Said:It's time for story writing!

In the midst of all the EQAO talk we've had here on the blog recently, I forgot to tell you about where we are in our writing program!  

It's time for story writing and it's one of my favourite writing units of the year. I've now met with each student and we've reviewed their story-planning page (pictured below). Everyone is off to a creative and engaging start! 

I'm also encouraging students to include dialogue in their stories.  I came up with this idea/formula a few years ago to teach kids how to write dialogue in their stories correctly. I call it the "Said/Replied/Said" method and I think it works quite well.

Over the course of the year, we've talked about how good writing evokes a response from the reader. My hope is that my students will use dialogue to do just this! 

Please have a look at this youtube video I made of my Powerpoint so you can see how it's taught and support your child or students in your own classroom.  



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