May 23, 2017

Tomorrow is the big day!

Today was all about EQAO prep and stress-relief! We went over all kinds of different concepts and problem solving situations. We reviewed do "can do" and "can not do" rules of the assessment and I reminded the students of the importance of bringing a larger than usual lunch and arriving on time.  

We also practiced our "last minute stuff we gotta know" chant! 

Horizontal, vertical,
52 weeks a year.
Quadrilateral: four sides, equal, 
Give a cheer!

To relieve some of our stress, I answered all kinds of questions and we talked about this isn't a test!  We also read a special story called "Mrs. Spitzer's Garden".  

We ended the day by practicing our Parts of Speech song.  I don't have a recording of it yet to post, but at least the boys and girls can practice the lyrics using the pictures below. I'm sure the kids know the tune by now.  

I want to wish all the boys and girls in Grades Three and Six at our school good luck on their booklets. Everyone has worked so hard to get to this point and I just know we'll do great!  


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