September 09, 2017

What's Fun Friday?

We have a long standing tradition in room 208 called "Fun Friday". Most Fridays I plan something super-fun to complement the week's learning. Occasionally, we're not able to have Fun Friday, but I always do my best to make our Friday afternoon special. Sometimes the activities build math skills, other times, it's more of an arts focus.  And every now and then, we do some cooking on Fun Friday (which usually goes hand-in-hand with whatever we're learning in math)!  I especially love "Puzzle Day" because it gives the boys and girls a chance to develop their interpersonal skills and work together on a non-competitive group task.  

Our theme for last week's Fun Friday was "You're oh-fish-ially in grade three!"  and the boys and girls learned how to draw a cartoon fish!  Next Friday, we hope to paint them.  We were a bit short on time because the first FF usually takes a bit longer to get rolling, so next week, I'll read the boys and girls this great story to kick off our afternoon and we'll enjoy our very appropriate snick-snack!  

We love Fun Fridays in room 208 and I'm sure parents and blog visitors will too! 


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