November 14, 2017

We're "pudding" our skills to work!

How much fun was today!!! 
We're starting our first really big writing task of the year and I wanted to kick things off in a special way.  We've done lots and lots of writing about our reading and along the way, learning about what good writers do, but now it's time to really put those skills to work! 

The boys and girls are asked to write a recount.  This means I'm asking them to recall a special day (today) and write all about it, including the essential details and the juicy ones!  

And what a great day it was to write about!  We made "Dirt Pudding" today!  

Our Milk Manager, Tatiana was on the job and ready to distribute the milk to make the pudding!

It all started this morning when I urged the kids to get their morning chores taken care of so that we could get to the fun stuff.  When I told them what we were doing, they were just tickled pink! 

In preparing for this big group task, we talked about how to be an effective group member and specifically, how to compromise. Our Text of the Week (pictured below) proved to be very helpful in that regard because just yesterday, we talked all about that word and how the characters in the story could be much happier if only they tried to compromise.  

I reminded the boys and girls that as part of their recount, they would not necessarily be giving the instructions for how to make the pudding, but rather, recounting the day for the reader.  It was important to make this distinction because the last time we cooked (applesauce) we were indeed talking about procedural writing.

We had four groups of kids each making a batch of pudding and everyone worked very well together! 

Then we combined the pudding into one large pan and put it in the fridge to set.  Along the way, the boys and girls learned about millilitres and litres and strategies for what to do when the recipe calls for 500 mL of milk, but your measuring cup only goes up to 250 mL.  

While the pudding was setting, we carried on with our day.  Finally, the time came to eat the pudding around 1:20 and it was so much fun!  Everyone was so polite and helpful around distributing, waiting turns and dealing with their dirty dishes.  

As you can see by the photos lovely Miss Sofia took, it was a super-terrific day and the treat was enjoyed by all!  Thank you to Sofia for her great photography skills! 

I can't wait to read this recounts! We had a few funny moments throughout the day that I hope the boys and girls will include!  


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