June 21, 2018

Mozart and Music!

On Thursday afternoon, the boys and girls enjoyed listening to Mozart's Magnificent Voyage while practicing their multiplication skills.  Today, we worked on the seven times tables while playing the game pictured below.  

Not all children know their "counting by" songs and they're encouraged to memorize them over the summer to help develop their number-sense and memorize their facts. You can find the math songs along the top of the blog page. 

You can find a copy of the great game we played here!  Monkey Multiplication

June 20, 2018

Carnival Time!

Oh my word, what a hit this lesson was! We've had so much fun discussing the features of an informational text such as a brochure! We used resources from the Dairy Board of Canada to cover a little bit of everything.  Aside from the obvious discussions about health and nutrition, we also talked about some of the features of the text itself: illustrations, different fonts, coordinated colours, diagrams, interactivity, and bold text. I explained to the boys and girls that these same features apply to websites.  

After this discussion, students learned they would be designing their own brochure for a pretend carnival! They're asked to choose a theme for their carnival and the sky is the limit! For the purpose of my sample, I went with a cheese and lama-themed carnival (no idea where that idea came from, but my website has a nice ring to it: www.cheeseoramalama.com). 

The wheels were turning with this one!  We're going to get back to work on our brochures on Wednesday and I can't wait to see how they turn out! What a great way to end the school year: a year where there is always so much growth in terms of my students' writing skills.  

In this one exercise, we cover many important skills and answer lots of questions: 
  • What's the purpose of a brochure (and website)?
  • What makes a great brochure and a not-so-great brochure/website? 
  • What kind of information will people want to know about a school carnival from a brochure/website? 
  • How do I engage my reader? 
  • What's an appropriate theme for a carnival? 
  • What are sensible food prices for my menu items?
  • How do bullet points work really effectively on a brochure? 
  • What's an appropriate day/time to hold a carnival? 
  • My carnival's website? What's an appropriate name?
  • Will the website be a .ca or a .com site?
  • Let's talk revenue: who benefits from my carnival? 
  • The beneficiary: why them? 
I've been so thrilled with the quality of my students' writing this year. Watching them grow with each assignment is so exciting and rewarding. I hope they'll use all the skills they've learned this year to make this their best writing piece yet! 

June 18, 2018

Nothing "despicable" about this day!

On Friday, the boys and girls in Room 208 enjoyed "Despicable Me" day and it was so much fun!  Students started their day with a challenge: can you use your Play-Doh to make a minion? It was easier said than done, let me tell you!  

After that, we headed outside for some hilarious games based on the movie. The favorite was "Pop-oi". Students used the toilet bowl brushes to paddle a beach ball from one end of the field to another. In the movie, a Pop-oi is a toilet brush unicorn! 

In the afternoon, we made our "Minion-Mix" and enjoyed the movie together. Each ingredient in the mix is tied to the movie in some way, shape or form! 

The Cookie Crisp represents the cookies the girls sold. 
The Corn Pops are the moon that was stolen. 
The cheezies are for Agnes' caterpillar that never turned into a butterfly. 
The Goldfish crackers represent the sharks that swim under Vector's living room floor. 
The Lucky Charms had unicorns in them and Gru wins one for Agnes at the amusement park. 
And the mini-marshmallows remind us that "It's so fluffy!!!" 

 It was a perfect way to celebrate a year of hard work, the completion of EQAO and Miss Katlynn's last day in our class. We've been blessed to have the most incredible Junior Teacher in our room for the last four months and we will miss her very much.  

June 14, 2018

Then and Now!

What' the wifi password? 
Do you have Lululemon? 
What do you mean we have to make our own bread?

On Thursday, the boys and girls learned about "push" and "pull" factors that brought people to Canada around 1850. In addition to reviewing what we already learned about life a kid during that period, students also learned about how little people arrived WITH! Imagine living in a sod house because that's the best you could afford at the time!  

We had lots of fun watching a great video (shot here in Ontario!) about life as a pioneer kid! The video is called "Pioneer Life in Canada" and it was a really fun way to revisit the topics we've covered this year and add some new learning to our schema!  The character in the film goes back in time and experiences life as a pioneer child. 

While preparing this blog post, I found a great little booklet that parents may want to view/print out to help reinforce and explore further some of the information students have learned this term.  You can find it here.  It was created by the City of Vaughn, but many of the activities are still very suitable for any Ontario child studying early settlers.  


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