September 19, 2012

Wednesday's Message

We had a fabulous day today! 
After Morning Message, we had a Math quiz. Please see the video linked below where I explain the quiz and the answer required to receive full marks.  

In our Literacy Block, I took a "Spelling Inventory" to see where our strengths and needs lie in terms of our spelling skills.  I've attached a copy of the words that the boys and girls were asked to spell. This type of test helps me fine-tune my instruction. Now I can create lessons that target our specific spelling needs.  The Spelling Inventory comes from this resource: 
Words Their Way

The printable I've attached below can be a great resource for parents because they can test their child at home and monitor their spelling progress. 

We had an important talk on the carpet today. I spoke to the boys and girls about participating in class and how everyone has something important to contribute to our little community. I am hoping that with time and a little nudge from home everyone will feel comfortable and confident sharing their ideas, connections and answers.  

Primary Spelling Inventory (printable)

Today's Math Quiz (video)


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